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GICS Command Reference Card


GICS Command Reference Card
Tags: C = Communication commands
E = Examinemode commands
G = Game related commands
I = IIC-Commands
M = Misc commands
P = commands available while playing
S = Simul commands
V = Comamnds related to variables
( [name] = Optional parameter <name> = Required parameter )
Tag Command Parameters Description
C channel <n> Turn channel n on/off
C clearmessages [name] Delete messages [from name]
C cshout <text> Shout Chess-related stuff
C inchannel [n] Show people in a channel
C it <text> Shout-Emote (-> handle text)
C message <name> <text> Leave message for a player
C messages [name] Show messages received
C reply <text> Reply to last tell
C shout <text> Shout a text to all players
C tell <n> <text> Tell something to a channel
C tell <name> <text> Tell something private to a player
C xtell <name> <text> see tell
E backward [n] Goes backward n moves (default=1)
E examine Start examining from scratch
E examine <name> <n> Examine a game from the history
E examine <name> <name> Examine an adjourned game
E exblack <name> Set name of black player
E exsetboard <FEN> <tomove> Setup a board position
E exwhite <name> Set name of white player
E forward [n] Go forward n moves (default=1)
E mexamine <name> Make player an examiner of a game
E unexamine Stop examining a game

Tag Command Parameters Description
G accept [n|name] Accept a challenge
G allobservers [n|name] Show all observers
G assess <name1> [name2] Show ratings changes
G boards [category] List the non-standard-boards available
G decline [n|name] Decline a challenge
G games [name] Show games in progress
G history [name] Show results of last 10 games
G kibitz <text> Kibitz something to observers and players
G mailmoves [n] Send moves of a game via email
G mailstored <name> <name> Send moves of an adjourned game via email
G match ... Challenge someone
G observe [name|n] Stop/start observing a game/player
G pending [name] Show pending requests/offers
G pstat <name> [name] Show ratio againt a player
G unobserve [n|name] Remove game from observation
G whisper <text> kibitz something to all observers
G withdraw [n|name] Withdraw an offer
I rinfo <host> Show Informations about another server
I rlist Show servers connected to IIC
I rmessage <user@host> <text> Leave a message for a user on another server
I rtell <user@host> <text> Tell something to a player on another server
I rwho <host> Show players logged on on another server
M alias List currently defined aliases
M alias <name> <params> define a new alias
M best [n] Show the n Topranked players
M =censor Show people on your censor-list
M +censor <name> Put player onto your censor-list
M -censor <name> Remove player from censorlist
M date Show current time and date
M finger [name] Show informations about a player
M =gnotify Show people on you gnotify-list
M +gnotify <name> Put player onto your gnotify-list
M -gnotify <name> Remove player from gnotify-list
M handles <name> Show handles starting with <name>
M hbest Show human top-20
M help [command] Show help about a command
M hrank [name] Show ranking (only humans)
M info [topic] Show information-file
M limits Show Server-limits
M llogons Show the last logons
M logons [name] Show last logons of a player
M mailhelp [topic] Send helpfile via email
M mailmess Send messages via email
M news [n] Show news since last logon/news item
M next Show next page of a helpfile

Tag Command Parameters Description
M =notify Show people on your notify-list
M +notify <name> Add player to you notify-list
M -notify <name> Remove player from notify-list
M password <old> <new> Change your password
M quit Leave the server
M rank [name] Show ranking of a player
M unalias <alias> Undefine an alias
M uptime Show server statistics
M ustat Show the server usage the last 24h
M who [...] Show players logged in
P abort Request to abort a game
P adjourn Request to adjourn a game
P draw Offer a draw
P flag Claim win on time
P moretime <seconds> Give oppenent more time
P pause Request to pause the game-clocks
P resign Resign a game
P say <text> tell something to you opponent
P takeback [n] Request to takeback n halfmoves
P unpause Resume game-clocks
PEG eco [n] Show ECO/NIC/Long code of opening
PEG moves [n] Show moves so far
PEG refresh [n|name] Show board again
PG time [name|n] Show time remaining
PSG switch Request to switch sides
S goboard <name> Goto board of player in a simul
S gonum <n> Goto board in a simul
S simabort Request to abort a simul
S simadjourn Request to adjourn a simul
S simallabort Abort all running simuls
S simalladjourn Adjourn all running simuls
S simgames Show simul-games in progress
S simmatch <name> Request to join a simul
S simnext Goto next board in a simul
S simopen Toggle wether you accept simul-requests
S simpass Pass a move in a simul
S simprev Goto previous board in a simul
V bell Toggles the bell-variable
V flip Toggles the flip-variable
V highlight <n> Set highlight-variable
V open Toggle you open-for-matches-variable
V promote <Q|R|N|B> Set promotion default-piece
V set <variable> <value> Change the value of a variable
V style <value> Set your board-style-variable
V variables Show current variable-settings

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