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  Usage: best [b][s][l][w][a][u][h]

Displays the 20 highest-rated players in the different ratings categories: Blitz, Standard, Lightning, Wild, Atomic, Suicide and Bughouse. Computers are present in the listing. Use "hbest" to see the top 20 humans.

Using "best" alone will give all three lists Blitz, Standard and Lightning. Using one or more of the arguments b, s, l, w, a, u or h is a request to give only the blitz, standard, lightning, wils, atomic, suicide and/or bughouse best lists, respectively. For example, "best bw" will show the top 20 players in the blitz and wild chess; the top standard players will not be listed.

Use "hrank" and "rank" to see where a given player is ranked.

Special Note: The "Best" list and the ranking lists are only updated in certain intervals on GICS!

See also: hbest, hrank, rank

Klaus Knopper <>