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  Usage: withdraw [ 1-n | match | draw | adjourn | abort | takeback | switch | simul | all | player ]

Withdraws an offer that you have made. If no parameter is given and there is only one offer, the withdraw command with rescind your offer. If you have more than one offer pending (for example multiple match offers) then you must specify which offer you want to withdraw. You can choose the offer by number, by type, all offers, or by the player's name to whom you are making the offer.

Note: Several types of requests are withdrawn by FICS automatically in certain situations. For example, if you have made a match request to user2 but then accept a match request from user1, FICS starts your match with user1 and withdraws your offer to user2.

See also: accept, pending, match, draw, adjourn, abort, takeback, switch, simuls

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