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  Usage: abort

The "abort" request is used in two situations during a chess game.

  1. You wish to abort the game for some reason. "Abort" sends a request to your opponent that you would like to abort the current game. Your opponent can accept or decline your offer. If a proposal to abort is pending for you, then typing "abort" (or "accept") will accept the offer.
  2. Your opponent has run out of time and you believe that a problem has occured with the connection to the chess server. Rather than "flag" your opponent and claim a win on time, you can "abort" the game. (This function is the old "courtesyabort" command, just made easier to use.)

An aborted game is canceled; no changes in ratings occur, the game is not stored, and it is not listed in history or counted as a completed game in your statistics.

See also: accept, decline, flag, match

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