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  Usage: observe [game|user]

Puts a game on your observation list. You can give either the game number or the user whose game you want to observe. Use "allobservers" to see who is observing a game (or all games in progress).

For example, if game #34 is KARPOV versus RETI, then "observe 34", "observe RETI" or "observe KARPOV" will add this game to your observation list.

"Unobserve" removes the game (or even all games) from your observation list.

NOTE: At one point "observe" used alone would remove all games from your observation list. This function is now being phased out in favor of th "unobserve" command. But be careful while both are still activated.

See also: allobservers, games, unobserve

Klaus Knopper <>