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  Usage: finger [user]

Displays information about the given user. If no user is given, then your information is displayed. Here is a sample display:

Statistics for <user>       On for: 55   Idle: 0
(playing game 9: <white> vs. <black>)

         rating     RD     win   loss   draw  total   best
Blitz     1910     75.3     28     10      2     40   1936 (01-Jun-95)
Standard  1838     92.3     13      6      1     20   1838 (03-Jun-95)
Wild      1876     94.3     15     10      0     25   1903 (05-Jun-95)

 1: <text>
 2: <text>

The user's ratings for each type of chess are displayed, along with the Glicko RD (or index of ratings variability), the total results from games played, and the best or highest rating for each type. You can also tell (1) whether the user is currently logged on and, if so, for how long and whether they are idle, and (2) whether they are currently playing a game and, if so, which game # and opponent. Beneath the ratings are comment lines the user can add using the set command.


  1. Your e-mail address and your Real Name is automatically displayed to you beneath your ratings table; it is NOT displayed to other users - unless of course you include your address as part of your finger comments.
  2. Best ratings and dates are only given after you have played 20 games of a given type.

See also: set, variables

Klaus Knopper <>