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  Usage: examine [white_player black_player]|[player game#]

This command starts a game in the examine mode where you, as the examiner, can move the pieces for both white and black, take moves back and analyze side variations.


"Examine" begins examine mode for a new game and, in essence, you will be playing yourself. Typing "match your_handle" is also a way to enter examine mode for a new game.

"Examine white_player black_player" loads the adjourned game (if any) between the two players. The game will be played from the starting position, not the last, stored position.


While in examine mode, you can move the pieces in order to set up a position and/or analyze side variations. There are three special commands you can use when examining a stored game:

forward [#] goes forward # moves (default n=1)
backward [#] goes backward # moves (default n=1)

For new games, only "backward" works; the other commands have no affect since there is no main line stored. Once you go backward, you will need to move the pieces again in order to move forward.

Lastly, the command "unexamine" leaves the examine mode and ends your analysis of the game.


Other people can also examine the game you are reviewing. But must you decide who these other examiners are. Here are the steps involved:

  1. The other examiner must first "observe" the game.
  2. You, as the main examiner, must type "mexamine <user>" in order to give "user" access to the examine mode.

In order to communicate with another examiner of the game, it is best to use the "kibitz" command. If you use "whisper", the game's observers but not examiners will hear your message.


  1. Players examining games have a # next to their handles in the (short) "who" display, and examined games are listed in both the "games" and "allobservers" displays.
  2. "Unexamine" stops your participation in the analysis, and also stops your observer status. The other examiners may continue, however, even if you set up the examine to begin with.
  3. Any clock times shown are, of course, unimportant since time is not a factor when analyzing games.

See Also: allobservers, backward, forward, games, history, kibitz, match, mexamine, observe, stored, whisper, who, exwhite, exblack

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