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  Usage: alias [word [string]]

Sets up a command alias so that "word" is equivalent to typing "string". If "string" is omitted then the current value of "word" is displayed. If both parameters are omitted, then all of your aliases are displayed.

"alias" lists all of your aliases
"alias word" gives your alias for "word"
"alias word string" creates/updates an alias for you so that typing "word" is equivalent to typing "string"

Use the "unalias" command to remove an alias.

Here are standard aliases that everyone has by default:

a accept v variables
bye quit vars variables
exit quit w who
f finger . tell
hi history , tell
logout quit ! shout
m match : it
p who a ? help
players who a * kibitz
sh shout + addlist
t tell - sublist

Other standard aliases are added from time to time. The help files for the different commands will have the most updated information.

Here are some aliases that may be useful to you. They are listed here to give you some idea of what is possible. Get ideas from other users as well.

fg say Fun game!
gm say Good move!
idle set busy is busy. Please 'message' to contact him.
mb match @ 5 12
mood1 set formula f2 & f4
ms match @ 10 10
ps who as
pw who aw
ty say Thank you for the game.
w4 match @ 10 10 0 0 wild 4
wave it waves to @


  1. Aliases can use the "@" wildcard symbol and thus save you a lot of typing for routine statements or requests. For example, using the "mb" alias, you would type "mb Shane" and have the same request sent as if you had typed "match Shane 5 12".
  2. Try to avoid using the same letters used in a standard alias. For example, avoid using "hi" to mean not "history" but something else, like "tell @ Hello there. How are you?" If you later "unalias" the "hi" alias, the "hi" alias for "history" will not come back automatically.
  3. Aliases are not transitive. This sequence of commands ...

    alias foo bar
    alias bar baz

    ... will NOT result in "foo" being equivalent to "baz".

  4. Because of #3, use the full spelling of a command, not an abbreviation, when creating an alias. This procedure also ensures that the alias will work properly.
  5. You may not create an alias for the quit command.

See also: unalias

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