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  Usage: who [o][r][f][a][R][U][s][b][A][S][w][B][C][l][t][v][n][1-9[1-9]]

Displays a list of users who are connected to the server according to the parameters you give.

o: Only open players.
r: Only players for rated matches.
f: Only free players (not playing a game).
a: Only available players (open & free).
R: Only registered players.
U: Only unregistered players.

s: Standard rating.
b: Blitz rating (default).
L: Lightning rating.
w: Wild rating.
A: Atomic rating.
S: Suicide rating.
B: Bughouse rating.
C: Lists players alphabetically.
l: Same as above but without rating/game info.

t: Terse.
v: Verbose.
n: Win-loss record.

For example, "who aRsC" would display an alphabetical listing (C) of registered players (R) who are available for matches (a) along with their ratings from games using standard time controls (s). NOTE: both the capital letters the order of the options are important.


The following table is an example of what the "who" request will display. (Only a portion of a much larger listing is given here.)

2363^Puter(C)       1891:Knopper(*)     ----.Atomix(C)
2322 Wildsau(C)     1829^Darkwing       ----:mame(TD)
2222^Doppelkeks(C)  1555^forky          ++++ test

The format is <rating> <status> <handle>. Note that only one set of ratings are displayed - the default is blitz unless another rating is requested. The <status> indicates whether the player is involved in a game (^), is not open (:), has been inactive for 5 minutes or longer (.), or is not busy ( ). The entry ---- means this user is registered but does not have a rating for this type of chess. The entry ++++ means that the user is unregistered and thus has no rating.

Special notations: (*) = admin; (C) = computer; FM/IM/GM = titles for international chess masters, (TD) = Tournament Director program.


The following table shows sample entries from a "who v" request - where the "v" means "verbose" style of the "who" command. A complete display, of course, would be rather long ... one line for each user logged on who fits the parameters of the who request..

 |      User              Standard    Blitz        On for   Idle |
 | 22   OldManII          2172        2256         4:09          |
 | 40 u Torr              ----        2084           14          |
 |   X  loon              2015        2074           11          |
 | 35   Chopin            ----        1879            4          |
 |   Xu Juan              1336        1251           20     19   |
 |  4 U ASESINO           ++++        ++++           18          |
 |                                                               |
 |     95 Players Displayed                                      |

Going from left to right in the display:

# the number of the game the user is playing
X not open for games
u open for unrated games only
U unregistered player
Name the player's "handle"
Standard rating the player's rating from standard games
Blitz rating the player's rating from blitz games
On for (in hours/minutes) how long the player has been logged on
Idle (in hours/minutes) how the player has been idle
Players Displayed the number of current users fitting the who request


The format for the win-loss record display is simple. Here is an example:

Name              Stand   win loss draw  Blitz   win loss draw   idle
----------------  -----   -------------  -----   -------------   ----
<user>            ----      0    0    0  2018     92   56   26     10

The order is again by blitz, unless specified otherwise. This information is also available on an individual basis by using the "finger" command.

See also: finger, intro 3

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