Homepage of Erik Auerswald at the UNIX-AG TU Kaiserslautern

wcggrabber, a simple image grabber for GNU/Linux

ssocr, an OCR program for seven segment displays

a tic tac toe game for text terminals

an xlogout program

a start button for X Windows

some scripts to work with Netpbm multi-image streams

lsjoystick to list the connected joysticks

lsjoysticksdl to list the connected joysticks using SDL

joystick-config, a GUI program to configure the Linux joystick drivers

crtolf filter to convert CR to LF

Search plugin(s) for OpenSearch compatible clients

dvdmovie, a shell script for playing the main movie from a video DVD on GNU/Linux using MPlayer

RFC reader shell script

Shell configuration files for Solaris 10

ping_scan, network scanning using ICMP echo

macfmt, converting MAC address formats

netio-kshell-dos.sh, a script triggering a connection clean up bug in NETIO-230A remote controlled power distribution units (and possibly other network appliances as well)

patches for ioquake3 (formerly known as icculus.org Quake 3)

patches for evilwm

patches for Jump'n'Bump

patches for Kobo Deluxe

patches for some buggy NAS client implementations

patches for MPlayer

Notes on Enterasys Networks Devices

Useful Software for Windows

Computer Folklore Links

Essential Reading for Network Professionals

On Bufferbloat

check out the Games Knoppix (based on Knoppix)

0wn airstrike CipUX DoctorDNS evilwm GNU coreutils ioquake3 Jump'n'Bump Kobo Deluxe libdvdnav/libdvdread Liberated Games LINBO Multi-Generator (MGEN) MojoSetup MPlayer NAS Netpbm Neverball OpenSSL OpenXXX Stupid-FTPd Subnetz- und CIDR-Rechner vgrabbj

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