Useful Software for Windows

Sometimes I have to work with Windows systems (company policy or special software requirements). First step is to install essential software the default install is lacking. This collection is biased towards network administration. I prefer free software.

Notepad++ is a free editor with good Windows integration. Vim is available for Windows as well.
The FileZilla project provides free FTP and FTPS client and server software, as well as an SFTP client.
Image manipulation
GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, is also available for Windows. It can even be used to scan documents.
Network scanner
Angry IP Scanner is a free, easy to use network scanner.
nmap is available for Windows. It includes netcat as well.
Network sniffer
Wireshark, the network sniffer, is available for Windows as well.
LibreOffice is a free and full fledged office suite.
7-ZIP is a free file archive with support for many archive formats.
Password manager
Password Safe is my preferred password manager, some co-workers prefer KeePass.
I have not (yet) decided on which PDF reader to recommend, but the site by the fsfe (Free Software Foundation Europe) lists and recommends free ones.
pdftk, a free PDF toolkit, is available for Windows as well (called pdftk-server). This is a command line program, to use it you have to put up with the very crude Windows command shell (or install a real one, e.g. MSYS)
Images2PDF is a free program to create a PDF document from images.
pdfcreator is a virtual printer driver that can save any print job as a PDF file.
WinSCP is a very nice and free graphical SCP and SFTP client.
PuTTY is my preferred SSH and telnet client on Windows. Works well to access a switch's command line via serial connection, too. PuTTY is free software.
Tera Term is another free SSH/telnet/serial client for Windows. It also supports file transfer over serial connections (XMODEM, YMODEM, ZMODEM, and more).
KiTTY is a free software PuTTY fork providing many additional features.
TFTP server
Tftpd32 resp. Tftpd64 is a very good free TFTP server. Includes DHCP, DNS, SNTP and Syslog servers as well.
Video player
VLC media player is a very good free media player that is available for Windows as well.
My preferred GNU/Linux media player, MPlayer, is available for Windows, too.
VirtualBox is a fine free cross-platform virtualization product.
OpenVPN (together with OpenVPN GUI for Windows) is a nice free cross-platform VPN solution.
Web browser
Firefox is my preferred (and free) web browser, available for Windows as well.

GNU or UNIX Like Systems for Windows

I do not like the GNU/Windows efforts (like Cygwin) very much, because they all lack integration with Windows applications. This is because Windows applications do not know about GNU. The same holds for the Windows Subsystem for UNIX Applications (SUA), with the added constraint of less powerful non-GNU software. If you can do your work using those, you can do it much more comfortably using GNU/Linux.


Of course there are other web pages linking to or providing free software for Windows.




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