Back in the day there used to be an application called xlogout used to end an X Windows session. This has been superseded by the exit function of most window managers, but at least evilwm lacks this function. Thus I've written a simple xlogout application using the Athena Widget Set (should be included in your X Windows distribution).


The xlogout program terminates when you click on the window. It is intended to be the last application in your ~/.xsession file.

-fn FONT can be used to select one of the X Windows fonts
-bg COLOR can be used to set the background color
-fg COLOR can be used to set the foreground color


Logout xlogout -fn fixed -bg black -fg green


Source code of xlogout.


An xlogout program can be found at www.rru.com/~meo/useful/xlogout/ or via your preferred search engine.

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