Notes on Enterasys Networks Equipment

When working with devices from Enterasys Networks (Enterasys has been acquired by Extreme Networks in 2013), co-workers often complain(ed) that it is not easy to find information regarding a given problem. That complaint is (was) not totally unsubstantiated, because web search engines (used to) deliver abysmal performance in finding the freely available information. This page is an attempt to ameliorate this situation by collecting links to existing info as well as adding some of my own. Introduction of the HUB and GTAC Knowledge (see below) improved the situation over time.

The Enterasys HUB

In October 2013, Enterasys started an online community called The HUB. This is supposed to replace the Knowledge Base after 2013-11-13. The HUB is indexed by search engines. It seems that articles from the former Knowledge Base are migrated to the HUB. Thus they become discoverable via e.g. a DuckDuckGo search. Extreme Networks later created a new knowledgebase called GTAC Knowledge, containing articles about Enterasys (EOS) devices as well. This GTAC Knowledgebase is (was?) indexed by search engines. ☺ The GTAC Knowledgebase site has been retired, but the articles seem to have been moved to the Extreme Portal, accessible via the search feature. At least at the beginning of 2021 search engine search results still contain old GTAC Knowledge links, but those are not redirected to the articles. Instead one needs to manually enter (copy and paste) the article title into the portal's search box (this is required for GTAC Knowledgebase links on this site as well, as long as I have not replaced them with their new URLs). It seems as if Extreme Networks does not want to provide cool URIs.

Enterasys Networks Online User Exchange (Mailing List)

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) hosted a mailing list called for Enterasys users. Besides using the web interface, you could subscribe by sending an e-mail to with "subscribe enterasys YOUR NAME" in the BODY of the e-mail (see here). You could read the mailing list online using the UNC Listserver.

The mailing list is archived at The Mail Archive, thus postings are indexed by web search engines.

Enterasys Technical How-To Videos (YouTube)

Enterasys Networks had created quite a view technical how-to videos and released them on YouTube using the Enterasys YouTube Channel. They were available from the Enterasys Networks Support Site (see below) as well.

Enterasys Networks Support Site

The support pages of the official web presence provided links to feature guide, manuals, release notes, firmware images, tools, and much more. Downloads needed a free registration, though. Not all firmware images could be downloaded freely, you needed a support contract for some of them.

Enterasys Networks Knowledgebase

The Knowledgebase has been retired and replaced by The HUB. There was an additional, newer knowledge base called GTAC Knowledge. This is indexed by search engines and contains lots of useful articles. The GTAC Knowledgebase site has been replaced by the search feature of the Extreme Portal.

Some Links to Third Party Info and Tools

Random Notes

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