The same as lsjoystick, but uses SDL (version 1) instead of the linux joystick interface. This should help portability to different systems, as long as those are supported by SDL (version 1), but results in more problems keeping the program working in the future. The current version is 0.1.4.


Source and linux binary available.


Usage: lsjoysticksdl [OPTION]... [NUMBER]...

  -h, --help              print this help
  -V, --version           print version information
  -l, --long              print additional info, not just number and name
  -v, --verbose           explain what is beeing done
  -q, --quiet             suppress error messages
  -c, --count             count joysticks (no info about individual joysticks)

If no numbers are specified lsjoysticksdl tries to find joysticks,
otherwise it probes the specified NUMBERs for joysticks.

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