I have written a utility to show (list) the connected joysticks. It uses the linux joystick interface, so it's not very portable. The current version is 0.2.2.


Source and linux binary available.


Usage: lsjoystick [OPTION]... [DEVICE]...

  -h, --help              print this help
  -V, --version           print version information
  -l, --long              print additional info, not just device and name
  -v, --verbose           explain what is beeing done
  -q, --quiet             suppress error messages
  -b, --device-base=BASE  use BASE instead of /dev/input/js
  -c, --count             count joysticks (no info about individual joysticks)
  -g, --use-glob          query /dev/input/js*

If no devices are specified lsjoystick tries to find joysticks,
otherwise the DEVICEs are probed.

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