I have written a utility to show (list) the connected joysticks. It uses the linux joystick interface, so it's not very portable to another kernel, but it does not depend on an additional library. The current version is 0.2.3.


Source and linux binary available.


Usage: lsjoystick [OPTION]... [DEVICE]...

  -h, --help              print this help
  -V, --version           print version information
  -l, --long              print additional info, not just device and name
  -v, --verbose           explain what is beeing done
  -q, --quiet             suppress error messages
  -b, --device-base=BASE  use BASE instead of /dev/input/js
  -c, --count             count joysticks (no info about individual joysticks)
  -g, --use-glob          query /dev/input/js*

If no devices are specified lsjoystick tries to find joysticks,
otherwise the DEVICEs are probed.

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