Patches for evilwm

allow suboptions to -term

Currently no options can be given to the program specified with the -term option. This patch adds suboptions to the -term parameter. The argument to -term has to be quoted such that the shell does not split it, e.g. by using doublequotes to enclose it.

Example: evilwm -term 'xterm -fg "light red" -bg black -bd "dark red"'

Patch for evilwm version 0.99.25.

command line option -nosoliddrag

The SOLIDDRAG option of evilwm should be a command line option, no compile time option, since it has to be changed depending on the used X terminal. This patch adds the option -nosoliddrag to evilwm when compiled with SOLIDDRAG defined. Setting this option results in a window outline when moving windows.

Patch for evilwm version 0.99.21.
Patch for evilwm version 0.99.22.
Patch for evilwm version 0.99.23.

This has been added to the development version of evilwm on 2006-02-10 (see the ChangeLog).

Version 0.99.24 released on 2006-02-20 contains this option.

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