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Once, you could find here special pages on Rap & Hip-Hop, Soul and an Artist Database. I discontinued these pages, since there are many better collections on the World Wide Web now. From now on, I want to concentrate on the music I know & love. Therefore the following pages will give you an insight into my huge record-collection.

My alltime favorite records are:

My Collection
This page gives you an insight into my huge record-collection. Since I started buying vinyl, CDs and tapes back in 1987, I have collected more than 400 CDs, ca. 200 LPs & 12"s and lots of tapes, ranging from Soul to Jazz, from Gospel to Funk and from Rap to Hip-Hop

In The Deck
This concentrate on recent additions to my collection and stuff that is currently on rotation. Includes reviews as well.

Since May 1997, I'm the administrator of the TLC-Mailinglist, where fans from around the world discuss their love for the RnB-group TLC.

Music FAQ
All the frequently asked questions on music, certain styles and groups etc.