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  1. This site is maintained solely by Elke Moritz.
  2. It's non-commercial.
  3. All contributions to this site were either collected or written by me, Elke Moritz.
  4. The origin of the archived sources is noted, if possible.
  5. Should copyrighted material be displayed without acknowledging, please tell me.
  6. The pages are edited with the vi-editor under Unix/Linux.
  7. The site was tested with KFM, Lynx, Netscape 4.04 and MS Internet Explorer 3
  8. Statistics and counters have been removed from this site due to technical difficulties. (Who needs them anyway?)
  9. Although the site has been restructured, most of the original pages still exist, but old pages aren't updated any more
  10. Many textfiles and other info has been deleted or updated.
  11. If you need some info that was once available here, please email me, I probably have it on some disks back home.

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Since this site is still growing, the sitemap hasn't been finished yet. If the navigation is too confusing, please let me know. The main menu is always displayed on the left side of the screen. If you click on the logo "Elke's Homepage", you will always get back to the main page of this site. The Page on "Black History" may be the most important page for most visitors. You can reach the three main information branches "Malcolm X", "Resources" and "Music" from the Black History page. All these three branches have several subpages and are still constantly growing.

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All statistics and counters have been deleted from this site. But in case you are interested in the popularity of this site: The Malcolm X-Page has had more than 90,000 visitors since summer 1996 (says the webcounter). Statbot logged more than 500 visitors a day to this site back in 1995 and 1996. Since we use the web-server Roxen, it is possible to generate an AccessLog of this site. Since the AccessLog generated in early April 1998 over a period of 8 consecutive days took up more than 9 MB of harddiskspace (!), I won't log the accessess to this site anymore. During these 8 days, more than 90,000 visitors viewed this site. Still the pages on Malcolm X are the most popular pages and I hope the numbers of visitors will continue to grow.

Awards & Associate/Affiliate-Programs  TOP

This site has received numerous awards. Among these were the "Top 5% Web Site" award from www.pointcom.com(Lycos) in January 1996, the Best Of Campus award in summer 1996 by the Internet Board at MDLink and the Fledge-Approved award from www.fledge.com in November 1996.

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© 1994-2019 Elke Moritz
All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, public performance etc. are prohibited.
I don't own the copyright to some documents and photographs displayed on this site. This relates to the information on African-American History and Music. Copyright-information has been included, if available. Should copyrighted material be displayed without acknowledging, please tell me.

Where are the old pages?   TOP

Obviously, they are not online anymore. The space on our harddisk is limited, so I had to reduce the size of my archive. Nevertheless, I have stored the old archive at home. Together with lots of other information from other internet-sites, I have put it on a CD-ROM. If you need something specific, just let me know, and I will either send it to you via email or put it somewhere on my site so that you can download it via the World Wide Web. I can also make you a CD-ROM with all the information you need and send you the CD via normal mail (snail-mail). But this means that you have to send me your correct postal address. The costs for the CD-R and the postal charges have to be covered, too, so we have to discuss this also before I can send you the information.

How can I reach you?   TOP

The easiest way is to contact me via email. Or if you just want to give me feedback on my site or send me corrections, you can either sign my guestbook or use the email-form on my Feedback-Page .
If you want to reach me via snail-mail, you can find my postal address on the Contact-Page. But be warned: it's much easier for me to reply to emails. Sometimes it can take ages until I find time to write a "normal" letter.
Also consider that I live in Germany. If you are living in another country, using snail-mail or even the telephone might get quite expensive.