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Donny Hathaway
One of the greatest RnB-vocalists ever. My favorite next to Marvin Gaye. Donny released several solo albums in the early 1970s and collaborated with Roberta Flack on several of her albums. Tragically, he committed suicide in 1979.
Frank McComb
Frank released two songs on the "Meteor Man" soundtrack, "Your Future Is Our Future" and "Somebody Cares For You". I first saw him perform these songs live in 1993 on a special on NBC Superchannel (not sure about the channel...). He was also the featured vocalist on Branford Marsalis' project "Buckshot Lefonque " and appeared on both albums. I always wondered if he has released other songs or even a solo CD.
"25 years later" is one of my favorite CDs. Before this Motown release Blaze made house music, and the house music influence is still quite strong on "25 years later". Blaze consisted of Chris Herbert, Kevin Hedge and Josh Milan at that time. Chris Herbert was a member of NIIU in 1994. His brother, Vincent Herbert, produced most songs on the selftitled NIIU debut. In 1997 a house/techno track suddenly aired on MTV and Viva (German music channel), which was credited to Blaze. They seem to be back at house music again. A pity, since "25 years later" was one of the most underrated Motown (and RnB in general) albums ever.
Other Artists
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