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The TLC-Mailinglist

When the TLC-Mailinglist needed a new home in early 1997, the Unix-AG agreed to host the mailinglist. I became the new administrator of the TLC-List, and since then have handled the technical aspects of the mailinglist.

What's it all about?

TLC Cover Oooh on tha tlc tip TLC of course! Everything that is related to T-Boz, Chilli and Left Eye. Starting with their great albums "Oooh...on the TLC Tip" and "Crazy Sexy Cool", to their record labels, producers, family, etc. We also sometimes have discussions on related artists or events like award ceremonies.
TLC Cover Crazy Sexy Cool This is a fan-list. So be warned that if you dare to criticize TLC, you might start a small flame-war. Respect the netiquette. Cursing etc. is forbidden on this list.

About the Lists structure

There are more than 130 members on the TLC-Mailinglist. Some are as young as 12 years old and only few are older than 20.
We are an international mailinglist, but most members are from the USA and therefore we speak English on the list.

It's free!

Everybody who is interested in TLC can join the list for free. We don't charge any money, the list is a service of the Unix-AG (which computers handle the email-traffic and the majordomo-mailinglist program). I myself also do this for free, since I'm also interested in TLC ;-)


Sometimes there is quite some heavy traffic on the list. Listmembers will get ca. 10 to 15 emails per day, sometimes up to thirty.
We have a size-limit of emails, which means that huge pictures and other long messages (more than ca. 400 lines) will be rejected.
Chain letters and long ASCII-art is forbidden. Users can be thrown off the list if they repeatedly send chain letters.

How do I join?

It's very simple:
Just write an email to listserv@unix-ag.uni-kl.de and leave the subject blank.
Then write in the body of the mail
subscribe tlc your@email.address
and don't forget to replace your@email.address with your exact email address. This email address will then receive all the emails from the list. If the email address which is included in the Return-path of the mail isn't the same as the email address you subscribed, the subscription will be rejected. This means that I have to subscribe you per hand. This will take ca. a week, until I have collected enough subscription-requests. On the other hand, if your subscription succeeds, you will be a member of the list immediately.
If you have any further questions regarding the TLC-List, you can write to me, the administrator of the TLC-List.

What's the list address?

It's simply tlc@unix-ag.uni-kl.de
But don't post to this address unless you are subscribed. And don't send any commercial crap or other spam-mails to the list!