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Registration on GICS

There are two classes of players on the server. One class is registered, and the other is not. Unregistered players can play matches and do most of the things registered players can, except that their scores are not saved, and matches they play are not recorded. (Such matches are called "unrated".) A match between a registered and an unregistered player is unrated. Unregistered players cannot shout.

Basically, look around for a bit as an unregistered player. When you are serious and ready to see just how good you are, send mail to with the subject "ICS registration" and the following information:

  1. You desired account name (handle). This should be at least 3 alphabetical characters. No punctuation!
  2. Your real name.
  3. Your email address.

We would of course appreciate if you would give that information in an abbreviated form in the mail's body, easy for us to read:

addplayer handle "real name" email

An example follows:

($ indicates a shell prompt)

$ mail
Subject: ICS registration
addplayer DerMeister "Unix Kennichnich"

Once your account is made, we will send you a password which you can change on-line. Please have patience. Registrations are not fixed every day. It can take up til about a week to register (or you can be lucky, and the registration will be fixed at once).

Also, please choose your Handle with care! Once your account is established, we won't change your login name anymore. So please avoid silly or offensive names.

See also: admins, password, definitions, finger, handles

Klaus Knopper <>