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Information about FICS administrators

FICS is coordinated by several administrators ("admins") who ensure that FICS is working properly and deal with problem situations and cases of abuse (see etiquette). Certain commands that regulate FICS can only be used by admins.

The group of admins is small in order to keep things fair and uniform. For the moment, FICS has a sufficient number of admins for its needs, so new admins are not being added (!).

If you have a question, problem situation or concern as a FICS user, feel free to contact an admin. They are designated by (*) on "who" lists, if they are on duty. To see a list of current admins, type "=admin".

Admins tend to listen to FICS channel 1. To contact several admins at once, you can "tell" to channel 1.

Admins on the German Internet Chess Server and their main tasks are:

Knopper: (Head Admin, Programmer and Organization)
Connex: (Chief Programmer, Technical Specialist)
Lomax: (General Support)
MiRU: (General Support)
JohnLennon: (General Support)

See also: channel, etiquette, intro, lists, tell, who

Klaus Knopper <>