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registered/unregistered names
A collection of data is stored for each registered name. To login with a registered name requires knowing the appropriate password. Do "help register" to find out how to get a registered name.

ADMIN players
Marked with "(ADM)" or "(*)" in "who", these players can help you register, set your email address, and do other useful things.

rated/unrated games
A rated game is one whose outcome affects the ratings of the players. A game will be rated only if (at the time the challenge is issued) both player's "rated" variables are 1, and both players are registered.

blitz/standard games
Every game is either blitz or standard, and the distinction is determined solely by the time control. If the time control is (init,inc) then the game is blitz if and only if (init + (2/3)*inc) < 15. For example, 15 0 is standard, 10 10 is standard, and 2 12 is blitz.

blitz/standard/wild/atomic/lightning/bughouse ratings
The ICS maintains these different ratings for each registered player. The blitz rating is determined by the outcome of blitz games, the standard rating is for standard games, and the wild rating is for wild games. The algorithm for updating them is identical.

provisional/established ratings
Each rating is either provisional or established. The rating is provisional if it is based on fewer than 20 games, and is established otherwise.

See also: best, blitz, standard, wild, register

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