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The admins maintain a private list of individuals who have abused the chess server. There are various kinds of abuse that can result in someone being placed on the abuser list (... or worse).

Sometimes there is an individual who intentionally disconnects in lost positions, thus ruining the spirit of competition. If you suspect that someone disconnected intentionally, please contact an admin. The admin will review the situation. If you are unable to connect with your opponent in order to resume your game, you may also want to seek an adjudication.

If a user has too many stored games, the user may also be placed on the abuser list until more of the adjourned games are completed or adjudicated.


Being on the abuser list has these consequences: (a) abusers may have match requests automatically declined if the opponent has "!abuser" in the formula, and (b) abusers who disconnect while playing a game forfeit the game automatically.

Other kinds of poor conduct can result in different sanctions. See the "etiquette" and "abusers" help files for details.

See Also: adjudication, etiquette, formula, abusers list, showlist, stored, variables

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