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Indulging in any of the following is considered cheating or abuse and will result in deletion of your account, loss of games, or loss of rating points.

  1. Disconnecting in a lost position and failing to return to finish the game: People doing this are placed on the "abusers" list. They automatically lose any game from which they disconnect. The above applies to rated games only. This list can be seen with "=abusers"
  2. Intentionally losing games to another user so as to inflate the other person's rating.
  3. Playing the same player repeatedly during your provisional period in order to get an artificially high rating.
  4. Having more than one account on ICS without informing the administrators about it.
  5. Using a computer without telling the administrators: Many people want to know whether they are playing a human or a computer.
  6. Directing profanity at another user.

See also: abuser list, abusers, computers, atmosphere

Klaus Knopper <>