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Administrators that are skilled at chess are able to adjudicated stored or currently running games. You can ask for your games to be adjudicated as a win, a draw or to be aborted. The admin will then look at the position and decide on a result. Please note the admin's decission is final. If a genuine mistake has been made, the adjudicator would probably like feedback, although at that stage nothing may change the result.

If it is possible, please finish the game instead. Adjudications take time and effort. You should attempt to complete the game by messaging your opponent and giving them a few days to finish it. If they fail to reappear it is likely that you will be given a win and your opponent put on the abuser list.

When you message for adjudication you should mention the name of your opponent and what you think the result is - win, draw or abort. An admin will check the account regularly and decide the game. You and your opponent will be messaged back with the result.

Games which are alredy played cannot be adjudicated anymore.

To request an adjucation message an admin and ask for an adjudication.

The command stored gives a list of your stored games. match [opponent] continues them.

See also: stored, match

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