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The Malcolm X Picturebook: The Nation of Islam

Malcolm. May 16, 1963. © AP Wide World
Photos Malcolm addresses reporters in Washington on May 16, 1963, following a meeting on juvenile delinquency with Rep. Edith Green, D-Origon, chairman of a H ouse, Education and Labor Subcommittee. Malcolm made several critical comments to the press concerning Robert Kennedy's handling of the racial situation in Birmingham, Alabama, and also charged that the subcommittee had denied Malcolm a public hearing because of trouble in Birmingham.[1]
Malcolm. June 29, 1963. © AP Wide World
Photos Rally in Harlem, June 29, 1963, at the height of his popularity as a public speaker.[1]
Malcolm. June 29, 1963. Muhammad Speaks. © AP Wide World Photos Here you see Malcolm probably at the same rally (June 29, 1963). He holds a copy of "Muhammad Speaks" in his hands, the Nation of Islam's Newspaper, which he founded in 1957.[1]