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  Elke Moritz

Malcolm X Picturesbook: Sources

The displayed photographs can be found in the following publications:
  • A Tribute To Malcolm X, The Man & The Legend. [1]
    A Rap Masters Annual. Published by Word Up Video Inc. Publications, NJ, © 1992
  • Malcolm X. The Great Photographs [2]
    ISBN 1-55670-317-1. See the Malcolm X Books-section.
  • Year's Pictorial History of the American Negro [3]
    See the Malcolm X Books-section.
  • Bruce Perry: Malcolm, The Life of a Man Who Changed Black America [4]
    See the Malcolm X Books-section.
  • www.cnn.com (use their excellent search-engine).
  • Some pictures were found on the internet and on my harddisk (I haven't found the original sources yet, sorry).

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