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  Elke Moritz

Elke's Guestbook - YEAR 1996

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Elke Moritz, Germany

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just watched nat kingcole bio on public tv. was uplifted by his life and music. wassickened and saddened by the way he was treated by my fellow "man". wish i could tell maria how much he meant to me. ps: used to watch her on tv in the 60's.
tom kirchoff <tomrefrg@discover-net.net>
menomonie, wi USA - Thursday, December 19, 1996 at 05:38:34 (MET)
I just had to give you more props on your entire web page as a whole, it it really informative and I can tell that you put lots of time and energy into it. I'm glad that I stumbled on it and you can count on me visiting often. I have a question why are you interested in so many aspects about African-Americans?
Lamara Williams <lcwilli@unix1.sncc.lsu.edu>
Baton Rouge, LA USA - Saturday, December 14, 1996 at 20:31:56 (MET)
I really like your page and give you props for thinking of such a cool idea. I have a suggestion for more photos. I buy the Malcolm X calendar every year and it has a great variety of photos. Maybe they could be of some use to you. At any rate keep on keeping on and keep on giving Brother Malcolm his much deserved respect.
Lamara C.Williams <lcwilli@unix1.sncc.lsu.edu>
USA - Monday, December 09, 1996 at 00:04:30 (MET)
Crazy hompage, tha RAP stuff iz pretty coo', I haven't look at tha stuff jet... pretty coo' one... good work well, check out MC Eiht featuring CMW, hez tha BOMB (death treetz, We Come Strapped, Music To Driveby, Ctraight Checkin Em, He also act A-Wax in that movie Menace II Society),... GOOD WORK
GeeDo Gardarsson <icefire@centrum.is>
'Alftanes, Iceland - Wednesday, December 04, 1996 at 19:50:40 (MET)
Your page is absolutely magnificent. Keep up the good work.
Russell Hurt <Atomi@aol>
Odessa, Tx USA - Monday, December 02, 1996 at 06:41:33 (MET)
I really enjoyed your homepage on Malcolm X. He is one of my favorite people.Chat with you again. Ty!
Ty Hudgins <joleneg@tenet.edu>
Bay City, Tx USA - Tuesday, October 01, 1996 at 21:33:53 (MET DST)
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