GNUstep Narcissus Theme

In August, I started playing around with GNUstep's Narcissus theme. It turned out that Camaelon was quite easy to use, but still a bit slow IMHO.

So I decided to continue my experiments by writing my own theme engine from scratch, drawing everything using the simple PS drawing primitives. The look stays pretty much the same. It's really only a start, but the code it way cleaner compared to Camaelon, and it may provide a good starting point for others. Chances are low that I will continue working on this, so go ahead and play around with it! Narcissus-0.1.tar.gz

Compare to the original GNUstep theme, which can easily be found on Google:

full size

I played around with the GNUstep theme engine "Camaelon" and the graphics from a nice little interface mockup by Jesse Ross.

The theme can be checked out by entering

svn co Camaelon

on your command line. (You will need a working GNUstep installation for this. Read the INSTALL file for details on how to set up Camaelon.)