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"Simuls" = simultaneous chess matches; playing more than one opponent at a time. It is possible to play more than one opponent simultaneously on the chess server. Below are sections for Starting a Simul and for Joining a Simul.


In order to play more than one chess match simultaneously you need to do the following:

  1. Turn on your simopen flag with "simopen". Announce your simul conditions on shout and cshout enough to get the word out, but so much as to annoy users.
  2. Other users must then challenge you with "simmatch".
  3. Accept or reject the challenges as they come in. You play WHITE in all games.
  4. When you are satisfied that you have started the number of games that you can handle, turn off your simopen flag. You can see how many games you are playing with "simgames".
  5. You can then start making moves on the board. The "simnext" command moves you to the next board; "simprev" moves you to the previous board. You will focus on one game at a time, going in a particular order.
  6. If you are bothered by how long a player is taking to make the next move, you can abort that game with "simabort". You are in control of these limits since the games are untimed.
  7. When all matches you are playing are complete, you will get your results.

Various commands you can use while running a simul include: gobard, gonum, simabort, simadjourn, simallabort, simalladjourn, simnext, simopen and simprev.


In order to play against a user who is open for playing simultaneous matches, here is what you do:

  1. Using the "simmatch" command, challenge the person you will be playing. If the challenge is accepted, you will play BLACK.
  2. You will be informed when the simul player is coming to your board. You should be prepared to move either before or shortly after that player arrives at your board. If you do not move within a reasonable time period, your game could be aborted.
  3. It is impolite to offer a draw unless that player is at your board. It could very easily confuse the simul player if offers come in from different users at once.
  4. If your game ends early, you may want to turn on your ginform flag so that you can see the final result of the simul games.

See also: set, simmatch, simgames [and other commands given above]

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