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Tournaments on ICS are frequently taking place if a sufficient number of players is logged in for a few rounds. A so-called "Tournament Director" (TD) program, an automatic player, is used to control and manage the development of the tourney, telling the players whom to match and how the standings are.

The communication channel for tournament players is channel 46 (See the "channel" command), the tournament director is sending all messages to tournament participiants over this channel.

To start the tourney, there is always a tournament manager (a human player, see "help td") needed, who can control the tournament director program. He tells the TD to announce and start the tournament. If a tournament is announced, players can join by activating channel 46 and telling a "join" to the TD. They will then automatically added to the tournament players list, and if a sufficient number of players is reached, the tourney is started.

All results and standings are announced on channel 46 while the tournament is in progress, also the final result.

See also: channel, who, TD

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