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Special commands and messages for TDs (Tournament Directors)


The Tournament Director (TD) is an automatic player who manages tournaments. He is marked with a "(TD)" in the output of "who".

The Tournament Manager (a player in the list of the tourney director program) can use the following special tells to the TD:

qtell $1 $2
Send a string to a player or channel
$1 may be a playername or a channel number
$2 is the text do send. Special chars:
Highlight on
Highlight off

Only 1029 chars of $2 are handled!

Return: qtell $1 0 -> everything ok
qtell $1 1 -> error

getpi $1
Get Information about Player $1

Return: getpi $1 Wildrating Blitzrating Standardrating
returns nothing on error

See also: tournaments

Klaus Knopper <>