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Suicide Chess Rules


The general ruleset follows:

  1. The normal chess rules are valid, with the following extensions.
  2. You must capture whenever possible.
  3. If the end of the game is a Stalemate, the player with the less number of pieces wins.
  4. The king is a ''normal'' piece. That means,
    1. you can capture it
    2. you can promote a pawn to king
    3. you cannot castle


Rule #2 only applies if there is any possible capturing move. If there is more than one, you can freely decide between them.

Rule #3: If one player loses all his material, it is a kind of Stalemate, like this player has no legal move anymore. So this player wins. If both players have the same number of pieces, it is a draw, the value of the pieces does not matter.

Rule #4 implies that there are no checks. This is a fundemantal difference to other implementations.

Some interfaces do not let you promote to king or do any other move, when your king is in check, because they do not know about the suicide ruleset. In this case, you have to type the move in the text console window. Newer interfaces, especially xboard Version 3.5.4 and above (thanks to xboard author Tim Mann), do support Suicide chess. You can download current xboard from our Web page

Play it: match name time inc SUICIDE
Hint: do not play 1. d3

Rules collected and described by OliB, Suicide chess implemented by OliB 12.07.1997

See also: wild, atomic

Klaus Knopper <>