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There are four types of regular (not atomic, wild or bughouse) chess played on this chess server: Untimed, Lightning, Blitz and Standard.

A game is "Lightning" if the expected duration of the game is 3 minutes or less per player. "Expected duration" is determined by a formula that takes into account both the Start time and the Increment (Inc) value. Here is the formula:

Expected duration = (Start + Inc*2/3)

The following table shows the slowest Lightning and fastest Blitz time controls, the dividing line if you will between those two types of matches.

Slowest Lightning Fastest Blitz
Mins Incr Mins Incr
0 4 0 5
1 2 1 3
2 1 2 2
3 0

As you can see, Lightning chess is very quick!

You can list logged on users according to their lightning ratings by typing "who L". "Lightning" is also a variable that can be used in formulas in order to screen match requests.

See also: blitz, formula, match, standard, untimed, who

Klaus Knopper <>