Useful Linux Commands

  • Disk: df -h (freier/belegter Platz)
  • Display resolution: xrandr -s <width in px>x<height in px> (may require restart of window manager, e.g. fvwm)
  • HTTP Proxy: export http_proxy=http://<host>:<port>
  • Keyboard layout: dpgk-reconfigure console-data (Konsole), setxkbmap -layout de -variant nodeadkeys (X), edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf (X)
  • Locale: Set locale as non root user: edit ~/.bashrc. Add e.g. the following line: export LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 (German, UTF-8)
  • Package: dpkg -L <package name> (Lists all installed files of a deb package)
  • Users: List all currently logged in users: “users” or “who”
  • Zeit und Datum stellen, zum Beispiel: date -s “1 SEP 2010 18:00:00”

Useful vim Commands

  • ”?<string>”: Search backward
  • ”/<string>”: Search forward
  • “n”: Find next of Search (backward/forward)
  • ”:%s/<find>/<replace>/g”: Globally replace <find> by <replace>
  • “u”: Undo
  • “v”: Enter visual mode (character)
  • “V”: Enter visual mode (line)
  • Change encoding: ”:set encoding=<encoding_name>”, z.B. ”:set encoding=latin1”, ”:set encoding=utf-8”

Useful top shortcuts

  • “1”: Toggle CPU display (single entry for each core/cpu)
  • “k”: Select process to kill (signal 9 can not be caught by the application)


  • Package conflickts: apt-get -f install and apt-get autoremove


Get information about a rpm package file: rpm -p <name>.rpm -q -filesbypkg –scripts

Useful xterm shortcuts




  • Anmelden: connect sys/pw as sysdba
  • Hochfahren: startup

Oracle configuration parameters


  • Insert Timestamp value: insert into table(timestamp_column) values(to_date('2010-07-08 14:30:56', 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS'));
  • Alle aktiven Sessions anzeigen: SELECT SID, Serial#, UserName, Status, SchemaName, Logon_Time FROM V$Session WHERE Status='ACTIVE' AND UserName IS NOT NULL;
  • Alle Sessions anzeigen, die andere blockieren: select blocking_session, sid, serial#, wait_class, seconds_in_wait from v$session where blocking_session is not NULL order by blocking_session;
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