Ecole anormale


Here, you can find some of Angelo's photos, Mohammad's photos, Cristina's photos, six sets of photos by Catalin and Ignacio's photos: 25th june, 25th june, 26th june, 27th june, 28th june, 29th june, 30th june. Additionally, there are some movies.

The students on the first monday

Names and e-mail addresses

Name E-Mail
Angelo Mantzaflaris
Robert Lamar
Johannes Kloos
Ronan Fleming
Ignacio Araya
Enrique Pico-Marco
Elaine Murphy
Mohammad Ganjtabesch
Nihal Bircan
Cristina Bertone
Andrei Eckstein or
Vladimir Peschanenko
Pradip Kumar Kar
Catalin Ciobirca
Zivile Jeseviciute
Sigita Peciulyte


If you want to upload some pictures, movies, whatever, follow this link. For many files, please send a zip file.

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