a small tool to manage Steam Family Sharing
Copyright 2014-2020 by Thomas Schmidt (PsyBlade) Licensed under GPL-3.0-or-later


When you get the same game from multiple sources steam selects which one to use. With often less than optimal results (i.e. chosing an much used source over a rarely used one). This makes an manual selection method desireable.

Despite customer complaints since fall 2013 this has not yet implemented by Valve. sfs-select tries to offer that possibility.

It allows you to temporatrily disable single sharing sources. That way you can disable a "in use" library in favor of unused ones. Additionally it can tweak the way steam uses to assign games to the active sources.

It has both a GUI (for casual use) and a CLI (scripting, desktop shortcuts, ...) mode. The full sourcecode (python 3) is included for everyone who is cautious, curious or wants to help.


  1. I have no idea what valve thinks of sfs-select, but since it's posted in their forum since spring 2014 it would be extremely easy to voice their oppinion.
  2. sfs-select only allows you to reorder or temporarily disable a PC authorisation. It can not do anything else to them e.g. copy them to other PCs or create new ones.


Use a -full file for new installs. To update to a newer version simply copy the new files over the old ones. Updates form recent enough versions can be done with the smaller -update downloads too.

Be sure to read the included readme for further instructions.

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