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* Malcolm X * (1925-1965)


[Bureau Deletion] the Muslim Cult of Islam, which is also known as the Allah
Temple of Islam, is a religious cult whose members regard Allah as their
supreme being and claim to be the direct descendants of the original race on
earth. The members fanatically follow the teachings of Allah as interpreted
by Elijah Muhammad, the "true prophet of Allah" entitled titular head of the
Muslim Cult of Islam in the United States, and believe that any civil law
[that] conflicts with the Muslim law should be disobeyed. The members
disavow their alliegence to the United States and pledge their allegiance
only to Allah and do not consider it their duty to register for Selective
Service or to serve in the United States Armed Forces as they cannot serve
two masters. According to the teachings of Elijah Muhammad and the cult's
ministers, the members of a minority race in the United States are not
citizens of this country but merely slaves of this country and will continue
to be slaves until they free themselves by destroying non-Muslims and
Christianity in the "War of Armaggeddon."
[Bureau Deletion] Muslims known to him either shave their hair or wear
According to records [Bureau Deletion] the Subject wears chin whiskers.
 The following description of the Subject was obtained from the records
 [Bureau Deletion]

 NAME:              Malcom K. Little, was Malachi [sic] Shabazz;
                    "Rhythm Red"; "Detroit Red"; Jack Carlton;
 DOB:               May 19,1925 Omaha, Nebraska
 RACE:              Negro-mulatto
 SEX:               Male
 Residence:         4336 Williams Street, Inkster, Michigan
 Height:            6' 3 1/2"
 Weight:            180lbs
 Build:             Slender
 Hair:              Black
 Eyes:              Brown
 Complexion:        Light
 Scars & Marks:     1" scar from right eye to nose; 1/2 scar below left
 Peculiarities:     Confirmed user of marijuana; wears chin whiskers
                    and mustache
 Employment:        Cut Rate Department Store
                    8940 Oakland Avenue
                    Inkster, Michigan
                    (Presently unemployed)
 Maritial Staus:    Single
 Nationaity:        American
 FBI No.            4282299
 Social Security#:  376-16-3427

 Report Made by:      SA [Bureau Deletion]
 Title:               Malcom K Little, was Brother Malcom X
 Character of case:   Security matter-MCI
 [Bureau Deletion] subject attended meetings of the MCI, Temple No. 7 NYC,
 during January, 1954. [Bureau Deletion] subject was a tour leader for
 the NYC Temple No.7 at the Chicago Convention of the Cult in February,
 1954. [Bureau Deletion] subject was in attendance at Temple No.7 and was
 enthusiastically going over the teachings of the cult. [Bureau Deletion]
 the subject has openly spoken against the "white devils" and has
 encouraged greater hatred on the part of cult toward the white race.

                Allegeed Threat against Subjects Life

 The March 21, 1964 edition of the New York Amsterdam News contained an
 article on page 50 [that] reflected that subject claimed that officials
 at NOI Mosque No.7 had tried to persuade NOI members that he was insane
 after his suspension in December, 1963. After these NOI officials believed
 they had turned enough NOI members against him, subject alleged that they
 sent a brother out to kill him in cold blood during Feb.,1964, but because
 truth was stronger than falsehood the brother did not believe the charge
 and instead of killing him told him of the plot and of the actions of NOI
 officials. Subject claimed that when he demanded an opportunity to refute
 these charges before NOI Mosque No.7 his request was refused.
 [Bureau Deletion] had no information to indicate that an attempt was ever
 made or contemplated against the life of subject by members of the NOI,
 and that subject had never made such a complaint [Bureau Deletion].
            Efforts by NOI to evict Subject from Residence
 [Bureau Deletion] advised that after Elijah Muhammad learned subject had
 broken with NOI on March 8, 1964, he instructed [Bureau Deletion] to tell
 subject that he must give up his residence, which is owned by NOI.
 [Bureau Deletion] advised that [Bureau Deletion] sent the following letter
 under date of March 10, 1964 to subject:

 Dear Brother Malcom,
   You have several items such as letters, Mosque Film, Negro documents,
  etc. relative to the Muslims and their affairs...[T]he laborers and
  believers herby request your cooperation in turning these items over to
  Muhammad's Mosque No.7 immediatly. Also you are residing in a building
  which was purposed by Muhammad's Mosque No.7 for the use by a laborer
  as designated by the leader and teacher, the honorable Elijah Muhammad,
  who may serve in ministerial capacity or whatever position he places them.
  As you no longer hold this position we the laborers and believers request
  that you vacate the premises located at 23-11 97th Street, East Elmhurst
  69, New York, upon receiving this letter. Upon a call to Captain Joseph
  arrangements can be made to have personal items belonging to the Nation
  of Islam picked up. This letter will also serve notice your car insurance
  is in Muhammed's Mosque No.7 We are requesting that you discontinue using
  the name of Muhammad's Mosque or the Nation of Islam for your personal
  effects...If you continue to use the Nation's name on your car then the
  Mosque will have to take possession of the car, which we do not want to
  do because this car is your personal property...This letter also serves
  notice that Muhammed's Mosque No.7 will discontinue handling expenses
  on utilities at said 23-11 97th Street.
  Reporting office:                 New York
  Office of Origin:                 New York
  Date:                             1/20/65
  Investigative Period:             12/1/64 - 1/15/65
  Report made by:                   [Bureau Deletion]
  Title of Case:                    CHANGED
                                    MALCOM K. LITTLE aka
                                    M. Khalil
  Character of Case:                IS-MMI

  The title of this case is marked "Changed" to add the alias of M.Khalil
  used by subject when he registered at the Hilton Hotel, NYC, on 1/2/65.

                     Foreign Travel of Malcom X

To Africa, April 13,1964 through May 21,1964

On May 21, 1964, Supervisor John Adams, Immigration and Naturalization
Service (INS), JFK airport New York, advised that Malcom X Little, Passport
Number C294275m, using the name Malik Elshabazz arrived in the United States
at 4:25 pm., aboard Pan American Flight 115 from Paris, France.

On July 13, 1964, [BUREAU DELETION] furnished an itineray [for] Malcom
X during his trip to Africa which indicated the following schedule:

April 13, 1964               He departed the U.S for Cairo, Egypt
April 14 to                  in Cairo, United Arab Republic, Beirut,Lebanon
May 5, 1964                  and Saudi Arabia, where he completed pilgrimage
                             to Mecca.
May 6, 1964                  In Lagos, Nigeria
May 8, 1964                  Ibadan, Nigeria
May 10, 1964                 In Accra, Ghana
May 18, 1964                 Morocco.
May 19, 1964                 In Algiers
May 21, 1964                 Returned to the United States.

Please see also the book by Clayborne Carson Malcolm X - The FBI File
ISBN 0-345-30009-7, One World/Ballantine Books

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