RSS 3.0 - again?

Some guy named Jonathan Avidan recently released a draft for an upcoming RSS 3.0 standard. (Some may remember, there already were efforts to do a RSS 3.0 standard, but those could not be taken seriously.)

From the technical side, I really have to say that I welcome it that his goals obviously include being backwards-compatible to RSS 2.0 and making a good documentation of the language.

On the other hand, one might wonder whether RRDL and RCDL (see the requirements page) are really needed, when we already have the SKOS concept format for RCDL...

[ Edit 2013: From the eight-years-later perspective, I actually do wonder what RRDL and RCDL even is. I can't remember anything about that. ]

I'm not sure where we are going with all those RSS standards. (If I was consequent now, I'd implement RSS 3.0 Lite support to RSS Reader now. But luckily, as far as I can see, that wouldn't be more than just invoking the RSS 2.0 parser when detecting a RSS 3.0 feed. :-) )