New weblog and homepage

Sometimes you have to go full circle;

Yes, I use Emacs Muse now. The Blosxom export didn't quite do what I wanted it to do, so I hacked up my own weblog solution with an extra Python script that collects the relevant articles into the RSS feed, the weblog's main page and the archive page. Turns out this took substantially less effort than converting my weblog articles into .muse files.

Over the next time, I will migrate the relevant content of the old weblogs over into the new one.

I also merged the weblogs and the UNIX-AG homepage. It's all one thing now, impossible to disentangle, but I own how it works. :)

Ah right, we're also back to the situation where comments are missing. Just send me mails for now.

Update: I added comments now, but it's not yet available on all posts for now.