My GNUstep projects...

...have recently moved to my all new GNUstep projects homepage subsection.

The Grr RSS Reader application's state is currently somewhere between unusable and completely b0rken. I'll need to restructure the whole thing before I can come out with a stable version again. Multithreading was the end of all stability. I should have thought about synchronization in the first place, not when the application was already written. ;-) (The version number is still way below 1.0! Don't tell me you haven't been warned. ;-)) So, if you consider to use Grr in a productive environment, you should try to compile one of the single-threaded versions (0.5.x and below) with a current RSSKit. If that doesn't work, downgrade RSSKit, too.

The Dictionary Application has been renamed to DictionaryReader, and now manages its history (== back- and forward-buttons) and understands cross-references ("links") between dictionary entrys. The current version will probably not work properly with OSX (the interface is not updated), but versions without the back- and forward-button run there, too. (You will need to have GNUstep-make installed there to compile it.)

Which leads me directly to the question where to obtain the old version: Both projects are now part of the Etoile project, which aims to build a GNUstep desktop environment. For details on how to check out the sources, take a look at the example on the DictionaryReader page. Checking out Grr is analogous. There's also a link to the web frontend for the subversion repository.

By the way, don't expect me to hack on these projects in the next time. I'm currently learning for the test in systems software, so I can hardly find time to write this blog entry, not to speak of programming. My schedule for the next two weeks is easy: Learning until the 25th, getting best grades in the test, then party all night. I'll probably need a week or so to sober up after that. See you next month! :-)