Installing Guile-2.0 on Trisquel 5.5

Alternative title: Backporting a package to your Debian-based distribution.

No guarantees on this being the right way to install it. :-)

My Ubuntu-derived distribution didn't come with the newest version of all the packages I want, even though they exist in the newest Ubuntu versions. The package I'm using here is guile-2.0, but it may work with other packages, too.

Download the two source files from

debian tarball Source tarball

Unpack both tarballs, put the debian directory into the source directory where the ./configure script is.

Go into the same directory, do

debuild -us -uc

You may need to install some dependencies for building this.

This will take a while to build. When it's done, you can find deb-packages in the directory one above. Install with

dpkg -i *.deb

A more complete explanation can be found in the packaging-tutorial package (apt-get it). The "rebuilding dash" example is what we do here.