Grr progress

Following the open-source principle of publishing lots of small releases to keep the public up-to-date on the project status, here's Grr 0.6.1-1. [edit 2013: This package got removed]

The diff between release 0.6.1 and 0.6.1-1 (excluding very small additions in some documentary files) was completely written by Yen-Ju Chen. He split the Gorm file up into several small parts. That's something I wanted to do for weeks now but didn't feel experienced enough to do. Thanks a lot for the help! :-)

Important note to end-users: Installing this Grr version doesn't add any functionality. The change is completely a project-internal one.

Another thing that caught my attention today was the fact that the parsing of ATOM feeds (e.g. this weblog) makes problems since the transition to NSXMLParser-based parsing. When I wrote my NSXMLParser-based DOM classes that replaced the GNUstep XML-DOM classes, I forgot about text nested in subelements of an element, and so any XML element just returns the text nested directly below it. Since most HTML-based articles make heavy use of paragraph and div-Tags (because that's what HTML is good for), this string is empty in most cases. I really need to find a solution to this.

End-users trying to read ATOM-feeds may want to try using the 0.5pre4 version of RSSKit in combination with the newest Grr version. This is done by copying the RSSKit directory from the old Grr version over the one in the newer Grr version's directory before compiling.

I can give no guarantees on this, though.