Good talks (Strange Loop 2011 Conference)

Two talks I have watched recently, and which I both found enjoyable. Even though both speakers are key figures in the Lisp community, both talks are not about Lisp itself (even though the first talk uses it as a vehicle to show examples).

Gerald Jay Sussman, We really don't know how to compute

I do really enjoy Sussman's talks, even more than the SICP book.

Some math and basic Scheme programming is required for this talk. It makes you want to build a propagator network. In case you understood the first example, it probably makes you want to implement that as well. :-)

(A quick Google search showed that it might actually be described in the book "Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics, of which Sussman is a co-author.)

Rich Hickey, Simple made easy

On the difference between simple and easy, what programming techniques Rich Hickey considers good based on that reasonsing. Interesting perspective on how to build abstractions and on components that have coupling even though they only speak to each other over interfaces.

In case anyone decides to watch both talks, I suggest first watching the talk by Gerald Sussman, because it actually happened earlier, and Rich Hickey makes some references to it.