Clarification on OMeta for Pragmatic Smalltalk

David announced that I had written an implementation of Alessandro Warth's OMeta parsing framework for √Čtoil√©'s Pragmatic Smalltalk. Although I feel very honored to have my software announced with such big words :-), it's still just the start of a little implementation — it's actually just the rules from the PEG paper translated into Smalltalk and spiced with some unit tests.

Currently, David continues hacking on the implementation (while I am busy with university, which is of course more important). Parsing the OMeta grammar works for him as far as I know, he probably gets it running soon. When it works, this will be a very nice foundation for Etoile's programming language parsers. Especially, parsing Smalltalk expressions for the workspace will be pretty simple then. And who knows what we will be able to use it for apart from that. Alessandro Warth's thesis has some pretty impressive examples for what it can be used for.

You want to play around with it? OMeta/JS — the JavaScript variant — is really great for that. First, it works in your web browser, so you don't have to install anything. Second, it's built like a Wiki, so it automatically comes with lots of example source code from other people playing with it.