Blogging from Emacs

Note to self,

if this post works, then blogging from Emacs is a lot easier than I thought. :)

I'm using for it. Use M-x weblogger-start-entry to open a little editor that looks very similar to a mail and compose an entry.

The buffer assumes you're writing HTML, so you can get bold and italic text using HTML tags. Finish writing an article with C-x C-s , move it to drafts with C-c C-c and cancel it with C-x C-k. Delete an entry with C-c C-k .

This is the whole interface to it already. You can skip to your older articles and edit them using C-c C-n and C-c C-p. M-g refreshes your list of articles.

The biggest advantage is that you can use Emacs to edit your text. :)