This contest is OVER!

The results are now available.

(some old hints have been made available)


To make an end to this boring times without contests we proudly announce the

1. Int'l Kaiserslautern Shortest C Contest (KL-ShoCC)

Subject of the Contest

The subject of the contest is to write a program in C, which gets two integer numbers (type int) i1 and i2 as command line parameters. The program has to print all numbers starting with i1 through i2 (including). The first number to be printed is i1, the last is i2. The numbers have to be ordered ascending or descending, depending on which one is greater. Assuming


  $ foo 1 3
  $ foo 1 -1
We think the problem itself is not too hard. The program that solves the problem with the constraints given below with the shortest source code wins the contest.

The constraints


Depending on participation there will be one or more surprise prizes. Eventually the jury submits a `special prize for most obfruscated code' independent of the length of the code.


The jury consists of Nils Magnus and Peter Conrad. The decisions of the jury are final and cannot be challenged. Direct questions about rules to


Everyone is entitled to join the contest who is able to send an email with the source code to The body of the email must contain a single tag BEGIN-SHOCC on a seperate line, followed by the source code, followed by an END-SHOCC tag, again on a separate line. Used for the contest are only the lines between the two tags excluding them.


  From: Max User

  Hi thou shoccers,

  eat my submission:

  void main(int argc, char *argv[])

  P.S.: Unfortunately my submission worx only in certain cases. Is
        that a prob?

  Greetinx, Max.
Submissions must be sent to until Wednesday, February 22nd, 1995, 11:59:59 PM MET (that is 10:59 PM GMT, 5:59 PM EST, 2:59 PM PST); incoming timestamps are relevant. Each contestant can participate with exactly one program. In case of multiple submissions only the last valid one is accepted.

The results are computed directly after the deadline and published on Thursday, February 23rd, 1995 6:30 PM MET at the University of Kaiserslautern Regional Computing Center (RHRK), Room DS/1 and on IRC on channel #shocc. The celebration of winners is also done at that time. All participants are also notified by mail and the results are posted to the newsgroups you got this announcementy from.



Nils' Homepage
Peter's Homepage (german)
UNIX-AG Homepage