theBat! password decryption

theBat! is an eMail client for windows operating systems. It offers the user to remember the login data for different mail accounts. These usernames and passwords are stored in config files in a slightly obscured way.

If you forgot your password because you never enter it yourself, here's your chance to recover it from theBat!'s config file!

How To

you have to open theBat!'s config file with a text viewer or text editor. Windows comes with two programs that should be suited for the purpose, WordPad and QuickView. If you don't know how to open a file with wordpad, ask the person who set up your computer. :-/

You should immediately recognize a few things there. Like the name under which theBat! displays your account, and the incoming mail server. After the mail server name you should be able to make out two or three somewhat garbled strings of characters and digits. These are the user name and password for your incoming mail server, and optionally another password that is used by theBat! to lock your account.

Whichever of these you want to decrypt, simply copy it into the input field below (replacing the example string) and press the "decrypt" button. That's all.

Encrypted string:


Thanks to Anselm Ettelt for presenting me with this interesting little problem and helping with its solution! Anselm has also implemented the algorithm in VBA.

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