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handle change


It is ICS policy not to allow handle changes unless your account is new and you realize you chose a bad handle. If you want an exception to this policy, you will have to give a VERY good reason. All handle changes will be done by deleting most of your old account and creating a new one, so your game history and ratings will be lost. Also, you will normally be required to state your old handle in your notes.

Reasons for this policy:

  1. Handle changes tend to defeat the purpose of players' censor lists, the abusers list, etc. They allow players who have acquired a deservedly bad reputation to escape from it and get away with doing the same things again.
  2. Handle changes confuse the other players who have gotten to know you as a friend.
  3. Handle changes are a lot of extra work for the admins.
  4. There is no admin command to change a player's handle without deleting his history. One could be added, but we would rather spend the programming effort on something with positive value.

See also: register

Klaus Knopper <>